CELL video art installation is reflection on time lost and remembrance of things past as the personal and collective unconscious minds respond to turbulent times, global recession, painful disruption of the usual life.

In this work, inspired by C.G.Jung’s complex psychology, I aim to explore behavioral patterns, reflexes and impulses that are unconsciously united and organized into “re- corded automatisms” in response to stressful situations. These are our uncontrolled reactions, formed by previous perceptions, emotions and experiences.

CELL, besides its biological meaning, can also be interpreted as a ‘cage’, a ‘prison’ for the unconscious, which submits painfully to the patterns of the past. I emphasize this submission by the square form and rigid structure. Opaque milky cytoplasm surrounds the world and immerses it into instability and unpredictability of the future.

Preview version.
Full version: lopped with 5 min original video.

Author: Tatyana Ludanik
Cinematographer: Denis Zersalov
Actress: Sasha Vsesvyatskaya
Composer: Choy Devyat

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