Installations, costumes and stage design for the traditional Russian festival Maslenitsa.
Gorky Park, Moscow, 2018

The sun is a key symbol of the Maslenitsa festival when, according to Russian tradition, people celebrate the imminent end of winter by burning a scarecrow. This ritual represents saying goodbye to all the winter hardships and cold, welcoming the long-awaited spring, warmth and sun. For this reason a huge 6-metre yellow sun was positioned in the gate of the main entrance to Gorky Park.

The burning installation (scarecrow) is 8 metres high, called ‘The Heaviness of Winter’.

The leading characters became fat-guys, who had eaten too many traditional Russian ‘blini’ pancakes. Their inflated costumes included traditional elements such as Orenburg scarves and Russian ’shapka-ushanka’ hats.

The form of the stage and lighting design are evocative of the key symbol — the sun. 

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