The Theatre of Shadows

A 6-hour media performance and stage for ARMAXXII. Mutabor, 2022

A 6-hour media performance revealing through the diffusion of abstract forms created by overlapping videos, energy of performing bodies, shadows, and lights within a gigantic Kaleidoscope, three emotional messages - trust, energy, feeling. These three topics were at the core of a 2 weeks movement research and found resolution in a final choreography for the dancers. All the creators were curious about how the abstract cross-media message unfolded in the individual consciousness and what effect it produced on the overall body of the club space?


Direction / concept: Tatyana Ludanik

Stage design: Tatyana Ludanik


Choreography: Evgeniya Chetvertkova


Light: Olga Skvortsova, Phillip Ramo


Video content: Aleksey Novikov, Evgeny Fine, Tatyana Ludanik, Evgeniya Chetvertkova, Kate Kobzar, Aleksey Kirsanov


Performerces: Poskorkova Irina, Tatiana Romodina, Dasha Deryabina, Lucien Lubimova, Zarina Makasheva, Svetlana Novikova, Sheiko Daria, Aleksey Kirsanov, Aglaya Fedotova, Lena Sysoeva


Music: f r a g m e n t s